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Best is yet to come.

So, something happened today. It’s nothing to most people I reckon but to me it is a BIG DEAL. I can’t even. Just. Too much feels. Adhakdbkedleoid so he spoke to me. Prince Charming did, and I was scared and all, I actually felt my hands gone cold to be honest but it felt so amazing. So comfortable and it just feel so good. It’s like that moment was the most perfect thing. I shouldn’t be feelin this because I barely even know the guy. And he’s so out of my league. Lets face it. It’s never going to happen but still I hope, not so much but I do. So anyway, he just basically asked how am I, something about the rain as I was busy staring at his beautiful eyes, and just the whole of his face. I didn’t have enough time to study the colour of his eyes though as I was too distracted at his lips of which he kept moist by licking it. Omfg I’m so disgusting crushing and obsessing over a guy like this. Icant and apparently he doesn’t like rain either coz it makes his hair goes frizzy, (that’s how I got it based on his actions. lol too cute) and I asked him if he’s on his own (which, btw, was so freaking obvious because his friend just left) anyway, he said yes and I was like, “waitin for your bus then huh?” And he asked, how bout you and I said I was waiting for taxi and how long I walk to college normally. It was the best 3 minutes of my 2013 so far. Omfg so much cuteness.


19 November 2012 

What an awesome day this has been, first, I saw Spikey(Well, more like, walked with him, well behind him until I got to the building where my first lesson is gonna be in) first thing in the morning. I can practically smell him. It was quite a walk, it was the best 2 minutes of my life. A perfect way to start a day most especially someone’s morning! My morning. Anyway, then right after our last class was finished, I saw Prince Charming and I waved and said hello to him without hesitating and feeling awkward.


Best freaken day. :D

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